• Pixel repair service
    We provide pixel repair service for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Saab, Lexus
  • Stepper motor repair...
    Gauges stepper (pointer) motor repair service
  • Headlight Adjusters
    We provide parts and/or services for our customers including BMW well known problem solution - broken headlight adjusters replacement. Adjusters that we do have in stock are for pre-facelift 1996-2000 and facelift 2001-2003 "angel eyes" Hella headlights.
  • Ribbon Cables
    If the pixels on the display are distorted, missing, dead - the ribbon cable must be replaced. You might find, that LCD display contacts are broken as well. Please refer to our LCD Displays inventory.
  • LCD Displays
    If you have find during the pixels repair process, that your LCD display contacs are broken - here is our inventory of LCD Displays for different Car makes
  • Accessories
    Some miscellanious accessories you might need during the repair
  • Gauges Rings
    Gauges Rings for making your car interior look more sporty and attractive
  • Pointer Motors
    Pointer Motors for instrument cluster
  • High Voltage Transformers
    Some Mercedes and Audi models has problems with the cluster backlight or even cluster malfunction because of damaged High Voltage Transformers. Please refer to our High Voltage Transformers Inventory
  • Throttle position sensors
    Throttle position sensors for your Volvo car
  • Other Parts
    Other parts you might found useful during pixel repair job
  • Remanufactured Parts
    Here you'll find the parts that we did remanufacture in our facility

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